“Our mission is our promise to you”

  • To stay current in our field;
  • To respect our clients and serve our community;
  • To keep funeral-related costs as low as possible;
  • To simplify the process;
  • To be flexible;
  • To celebrate life in a unique and meaningful way


“We walk with you on your journey.”

Voluntas is an excellent alternative to traditional funeral homes. What sets Voluntas apart, in addition to the full range of funeral products and services and economical options we offer, is the personal guidance we provide, helping you create memorable moments that really reflect the person.


Our Vision

  • Every person is unique; every life is significant and deserves a fitting celebration. We believe that listening to you talk about yourself, your family and friends is the best way for us to help you create memorial celebrations that truly reflect the person.
  • We have an important role to play in making your bereavement a little easier. Our approach, which encourages family members and friends to be active participants in creating unique moments, can certainly help to facilitate your transition. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge in the area of bereavement support to give our clientele and our community ways to cope with their new reality when they have lost someone important in their lives.
  • We make a point of keeping up with the latest trends and realities in the field so that we can adapt quickly to meet the needs of our clientele.
  • We believe that everyone should be free to choose his or her own way to get through the difficult experience of death. And we believe that having guidance through the process is extremely important.
  • We believe in doing things simply and making sure that the paperwork is as straightforward as possible.
  • We believe that funeral services should be in line with your budget and your financial situation. Our business model enables us to keep funeral-related costs as low as possible.