Voluntas is a licensed funeral company that specializes in cremation and bio-cremation services and personalized memorial services.

Our goal is to provide simple, convenient and economical services when a loved one dies or when you decide to pre-arrange your funeral.

Our staff lives in the West Island and we are proud to support several charities and community organizations.

What does Voluntas mean?

Voluntas is a Latin word meaning “heritage” and “your will.” Our philosophy is “Thy will be done.” We are committed to meeting our clients’ needs and respecting their wishes.

Whom do we serve?

Our clientele, most of whom live on the West Island, in Montreal and the surrounding area, are looking for cremation, bio-cremation and memorial services. We also meet the needs of families who wish to hold the funeral at their place of worship or elsewhere, in the presence of the casket, followed by interment or cremation.

What is the difference between Voluntas and traditional funeral homes?

Voluntas is an excellent alternative to traditional funeral homes.  What sets Voluntas apart, in addition to the full range of funeral products and services and economical options we offer, is the personal guidance we provide, helping you create memorable moments that really reflect the person.

Where can funerals and gatherings be held?

Funerals can be arranged in your home, in a reception room or community hall, at a private club or hotel, in a place of worship, a park, a funeral home or any other location that holds special meaning for you and your family.