Updated June 1, 2022

Quebec is lifting all pandemic restrictions.

  1. Mesures in place as of June 1, 2022:
  2. All funeral rituals are possible. No restrictions on the number of person to attend visitation, funeral services and reception. Vaccine passport not required. One meter social distancing is recommended.
  3. Food and alcoholic beverage services are allowed indoor and outdoor. Self-served buffets are permitted. Staff members serving food and beverages are wearing masks.
  4. At Voluntas, we empower families and guests to decide if they want to keep the masks mandatory or not. 
  5. We will continue to offer live stream services for the rituals to be available for those who cannot attend the gathering. 

We continue our mission of service and to take care of our clientele with kindness and compassion. We’re here, for you, during this difficult time as we walk with you on your journey.






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