Essential cremation services


Essential cremation services

Transportation, cremation and release of the urn.



  • Consultation, documentation & basic follow-up
  • Filling out forms with authorities & initial applications for government death benefits



  • Transportation from place of death (40 km)
  • Basic preparation for cremation & cardboard cremation container *
  • Transfer to the crematorium & standard cremation fee

* Depending on the circumstances, a wooden container may be required.



  • Funeral arrangements only



  • Administrative (40 km)


Additional charges for the following services:

  • Simple coordination & attendance at a church service: $700
  • Simple goodbye at graveside (attendance, short message and vehicle 40 km): $300
  • Additional consultation or attendance: $75/hour
  • Dressing prior to cremation (no viewing): $150
  • Washing, dressing and witness of the initial process of cremation (30 minutes): $700
  • Wooden cremation container: $425 (mandatory for the witness of cremation)


Not included: casket, urns, cemetery property or services, monuments, memorabilia, place of gathering charges, other disbursements and taxes. Service fee descriptions and prices are subject to change without notice.

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