Church service in presence of the urn


Church Service in presence of the urn


  • Meetings, consultation, documentation, church coordination only & basic follow-up
  • Filling out forms with the authorities and initial requests of government death benefits
  • Upkeep of operational registers and securing of file



  • Transportation from place of death (40 km)
  • Basic preparation for cremation & cardboard cremation container *
  • Transportation to crematorium & standard cremation fee
  • Transportation to church

* Up to 175 pounds and/or 6 feet. Depending on the circumstances, a wooden container may be required.



  • One funeral director up to three (3) consecutive hours for:
    • Set-up
    • Visitation/gathering
    • Commemorative service/Celebration of Life/Funeral Mass



  • Lead or service vehicle (3 consecutive hours) – (40 km)
  • Administrative for the transportation of the deceased (40 km)


Additional charges for the following services:

  • Coordination of obituary notices, additional consultation, coordination, attendance or vehicle: $90/h per staff member/car
  • Limousine seven (7) passengers: $375-$475/3-4 consecutive hours
  • Presence to cemetery following the service, including a short message and within 40 km: $350, on another day : $500
  • Washing, dressing and last goodbye at Voluntas (60 minutes) & wooden cremation container: $1035
  • Witness of the initial cremation process : $700


Not included: casket or other cremation container, urn, cemetery property or services, monuments, memorabilia, place of gathering charges, other disbursements and taxes.

Service fee descriptions and prices are subject to change without notice.

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