Modern Memorials

Over the last few years, cremation, cultural diversity, secularization and changing values have transformed what many people want and need when it comes to commemorating the life of someone they love.

From private and discreet events to more elaborate public memorials, there is a growing desire for variety in highly personal celebrations of life based on a unique theme and personalized content.

Voluntas specializes in planning, organizing and coordinating celebrations of life that are innovative and speak eloquently of the person in very personal ways.

Home and Garden Memorials

Many important milestones are marked at home these days: holidays, births, weddings, anniversaries and more. Some people wish to spend their final days at home. A private home or garden is the ideal choice when you wish to celebrate the life of someone you love in an intimate, personal and simple way.

Renewed Traditional Services

Many families prefer to hold the service in their place of worship or in another location that has special meaning for them, in the presence of the urn or casket. The service will reflect their deepest values, respecting their religious and cultural traditions.

Voluntas is an excellent choice. You will receive professional and attentive service, at considerable savings compared to most other funeral establishments.

Green Funerals

We are witnessing a growing trend to reduce the environmental impact of funerals and burials. According to our research, the main factor is ecological procedures rather than the choice between cremation, bio-cremation and burial.

A few important observations:

Whether you opt for interment in a cemetery, a cremation or a bio-cremation, the process has a similar impact on the environment. People who prefer to make environmental choices often try to find an “ecological” site in a cemetery or park. Choose a biodegradable (untreated wood) casket or cardboard container, and if possible, avoid the use of embalming products or use “green” disinfectant products. For the gathering or reception, encourage your guests to car-pool and to make donations instead of sending flowers or plants. Fruit and vegetable baskets and reusable equipment (dishes, tablecloths, napkins, etc.) are also sound environmental choices.

Bio-cremation is an ecological choice compared to cremation, since no cremation container is required, there are few if any CO2 emissions, and the process uses only one-third as much electricity and little or no natural gas. In addition, plastic and metal materials found in the body, such as prostheses or pacemakers, are recovered and disposed of appropriately.

Family-planned Funerals

Weddings, christenings and other reunions are planned by the family, so why not plan the funeral too? That means you take ownership of the entire process – a good way to make sure that your wishes and requests are followed.

“Family-planned” does not mean that you have to do everything by yourself, however. A funeral professional, family members, friends, and in some instances, your spiritual leader can help you plan a meaningful event.