Why plan in advance how you would like your body to be cared for and how you want your life to be celebrated when you die?

To state your wishes and desires clearly. Although you may have told your family what you want, stress, time and emotion often lead family members to opt for traditional or pre-packaged options rather than considering the desires of the deceased.

To lighten the load for the people you love, in various ways:

  • Emotionally: because they won’t need to make fundamental decisions at a time of intense stress, or worry that they’ve made the wrong choice;
  • Financially: because you will have set aside the necessary funds to cover costs related to the end of life;
  • Methodically: because you will have organized your files so your survivors can easily find the papers they need.
  • You will have hired a company you trust to help the members of your family deal with all the details and carry out your wishes;
  • Funeral services and products are guaranteed.


We plan the inevitable for your peace of mind and to make things easier for those who are left behind.

Voluntas offers flexible options, with payment plans extending over one, three, five or 10 years.

Talking to us will not make you die any sooner. It may even extend your life… 

by reducing the stress related to funeral pre-arrangements and other end-of-life issues. Being informed will help you make wise decisions at a price that suits your budget.