S.C. on behalf of my family


I received your card in the mail late last week. What a wonderful thoughtful gesture. However, I should be the one thanking you for the care, compassion, efficiency and creativity you have shown my family at the time of my aunt’s passing and with the scattering of her remains.

I didn’t know at the time of our first meeting to plan my aunt’s cremation that you would also take care of filling out all the legal-notice documents that are required after a death. Now, months later, I realize my family hasn’t had to fill out a single government form since that afternoon in your office. What a huge relief. We never felt pressure to purchase a package or an item we didn’t want and you also facilitated my aunt’s obituary notice in the newspaper. We were in your office less than 2 hours.

When it came time to scattering my aunt’s ashes in her favourite lake, you and Denis came up with the brilliant idea of freezing her ashes first. You took the time to come up with various prototypes before working with my aunt’s ashes and the result were impressive. On the day, we simply rolled the cylinder of ice from the shore to a deeper part of the lake and let the ice melt. My aunt is now in her final resting place and she was brought there with great dignity.

Thank you for such professionalism beyond expectation.

S.C. on behalf of my family

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