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Mme Stéphanie Coté

Voluntas Commémoration Inc., the leading trendsetter of redefining funeral services in the West Island continues to break boundaries.

Meet Stephanie Cote the force behind Voluntas Commémoration Inc.

Stephanie Cote, the founder of Voluntas Commémoration Inc, knows how to lead change in funeral services. Just over 10 years ago when she launched Voluntas from her home office, she strived to offer funeral services that would bring comfort, serenity and security to the families she served. She instinctively knew that the key to supporting families at their most vulnerable time of grief was to listen intently to their wishes and to support them through their grieving process by meeting their needs and requests. She ensured that each family felt empowered to make the choices that were right for them. She also knew that offering services at an affordable cost was an important component of her service.

As she and her team listened, one request that came to them as the years progressed was the wish that families had a venue at Voluntas that would provide a warm and inviting environment where they could gather to honour their loved ones in the manner that had the most meaning to them.

When Stephanie started to investigate the possibilities of expansion, she noticed that churches are struggling to maintain their structures and are running the risk of closing due to lack of funds. This realization led her to start a discussion with St. Genevieve United Church (known as Ste. Genny’s) and ultimately The United Church of Canada accepted to sell their property and building to Voluntas with the agreement that the church sanctuary and offices would remain in place. This bold move, on the part of Voluntas, to redesign and refurbish an existing structure rather than build a brand new one, has given the congregation at Ste. Genny’s renewed life as they can now continue their weekly worship and ongoing mission.

At the same time, Voluntas has redesigned the existing structure to now provide multi-functional, multi-cultural and multi-denominational funeral events and services.

The building has now been redesigned into a modern, spacious, airy structure that includes a large, natural-lit gathering space for multi-purpose occasions. Families can transform this fully furnished and equipped room to best suit how they want to honour their loved one, for a visitation, service, reception or cocktail. There is also access to a spacious state-of-the-art kitchen that can accommodate a full range of needs from family recipe favorites to catering facilities. The outdoor patio will be available for family BBQ’s starting this summer. The private offices have the same “homey” environment as the original Voluntas boutique office in Kirkland. There is easy access for special needs, ample free parking, and a private, discreet entrance for decedent care and embalming facilities.

As soon as Spring arrives with its sunny warm days, the exterior painting and landscape enhancement will be completed.

The staff at Voluntas, guided by the leadership and mentorship of Stéphanie, is a compassionate, energetic and committed team of attentive listeners tuned in to the sole purpose of supporting each family through their time of mourning. Upon entering the new facility, families will immediately feel at ease and secure knowing that not only will every aspect of their needs be served at this one location, but that they can also bring their personal family uniqueness to every aspect of the funeral plans thus starting the healing process by creating a memorable, lasting legacy.


Voluntas, Staying True to Their Mission

“We strongly believe that every aspect of end-of-life and funeral related matters belongs to families and we are there to assist them. We are honoured that we will be able to offer a service that our families have been requesting.” said Stéphanie at her Grand Opening Celebration in January. “But make no mistake, we will continue to respect our mission which is our promise:

  • To stay current in our field;
  • To respect our clients and serve our community;
  • To keep funeral-related costs as low as possible;
  • To simplify the process;
  • To be flexible;
  • To celebrate life in a unique and meaningful way.”

The existing Voluntas boutique located in Kirkland will carry on serving families providing a choice of venue that is most convenient to each family.  Furthermore, the Voluntas team will also continue their practice of home visits serving families when a loved one passes away or to assist with pre-arrangements.

About Voluntas Commémoration

Voluntas is a licensed funeral service provider that specializes in cremation and burial services, personalized memorial events and celebration of life. Founded in 2007 by West Island resident, Stéphanie Côté, what sets Voluntas apart, in addition to the full range of funeral products and services and economical options, is the knowledge and personal guidance they provide, helping the families that they serve create memorable moments that truly reflect the person they are honouring.

We walk with you on your journey.”

For more information please contact Stéphanie Côté




To see pictures of our new location, click here.


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