March 9, 2024

Gertrud Dimitriu, born Fleschner, passed away peacefully on March 9, 2024 at the age of 94. A true matriarch who took great pride in her family, Gertrud leaves behind a legacy of strength, love, and resilience.

Born February 5, 1930 in the Czech Republic, she faced immeasurable challenges growing up during the Great Depression and World War II. Yet, from her earliest days, Gertrud found inspiration in the company of her beloved grandfather, mother, aunt, older brother and cousin. They instilled in her the values of family, perseverance, and ingenuity that would shape her life.

A quick-witted, spirited, and athletic young girl, Gertrud enjoyed ballet and gymnastics, and her nimble hands and sharp mind could build, mend, or learn to do anything she set her mind to, a skill she carried throughout her life.

Gertrud discovered her musical talents when her older brother lent her his harmonica, with the promise of it as a gift if she learned to play a song. The gift she earned sparked her lifelong love of music. She continued to play that same harmonica for her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren until the very end.

Tragedy struck at a young age with the loss of her dear grandfather, and shortly thereafter, her mother. She faced the war alongside her aunt, an experience that profoundly impacted her outlook on life, laying the groundwork for the many teachings and philosophies she would later impart on her family.

Following the war, Gertrud was deported to Germany and then moved to England, where she met George Stefan Dimitriu. Gertrud and George were married in Nottingham and immigrated to Montreal, Canada, striving for a better life.

Together, Gertrud and George worked tirelessly to build a successful family business and a home filled with love and strong traditions, where they raised their children, Gabriella, Kathleen, and Roland.

Among her many achievements over the years, Gertrud’s love of Golden Retrievers led her to become one of Canada’s top breeders, earning her many accolades within the dog show circuit and the heartfelt gratitude of any family lucky enough to acquire one of her wonderful puppies. With an avid interest in emerging technology, she was at the forefront of PC adoption in the early 1980s. She equally loved nature, camping, and the great outdoors, reflecting her desire for simplicity and connection with the world around her.

Gertrud cherished her role as “Omi” to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was a devoted grandmother who played a significant role in helping to raise her grandchildren. Over the decades, many family memories were created within the walls of her beloved home.

Gertrud epitomized strength in the face of adversity and optimism in the face of tragedy, skills she learned at a young age. Her resilience and adaptability were reaffirmed following the loss of her husband, George, in 1996 and soon after, the loss of her eyesight. She further embraced technology and audiobooks, finding a way to continue to pursue her interests, stay connected with her loved ones, and remain fiercely independent despite her limitations.

Above all else, Gertrud cherished her family. Her playful nature, mischievous smile, wisdom-filled stories, warm hugs, and “tickling hands” will be remembered and dearly missed by those who loved her. Though she may have left this world, Gertrud’s teachings will endure through the generations, a testament to the remarkable woman she was.

Gertrud leaves behind her children, Gabriella (Ray Morency), Kathleen (Michel Seguin) and Roland (Diane Landry), her grandchildren, Raymond (Kelly), Kristin (Adam), Alexander, Vanessa, Karalyne (Lucas), and her great-grandchildren, Kai, Juno, Liam and Miles.

In honor of her memory, a final Mother’s Day gathering will be held at her home at 253 Dube in Chateauguay, on Sunday, May 12 from 1-5 p.m. In lieu of flowers, a donation in Gertrud’s name may be made to the Canadian Wildlife Federation (cwf-fcf.org) or Le Nichoir (lenichoir.org).

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  1. Landry Dennis

    April 27, 2024 at 6:45 pm

    Rest in peace Omi, you will be missed.


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